La Vuelta – week 1

A well-deserved day off has finally arrived. I must say that the first nine stages were very difficult and unpredictable, but I enjoyed every kilometer of the race. We experienced everything. Sun, rain, storms, slippery roads, and wind. We overcame all obstacles together and achieved our goals by the first rest day. Sepp is deservedly in the leader’s jersey, while Primož and Jonas are also at the top.

The team time trial was really stressful. Slippery roads, darkness, and high speeds. There were also some dangerous corners and we were driving at the limit the whole time. It is especially difficult because you have to follow the teammate in front and trust. You have to take a lot of responsibility yourself, so you don’t take the corner too fast. Everything went great, unfortunately, Jonas had a flat tire and we had to wait for him. In the end, we were just happy to make it through the finish line in one piece.

I myself am extremely satisfied with the level I’m at. Everything is going as I planned. More than great actually, considering that a few months ago I couldn’t even walk, let alone think about racing. I’m not very tired, but a day off will come in very handy. Very difficult stages are coming and a lot of work and effort will be required. I hope the weather will be better in the next stages.

My main job here is to take care of Jonas and Primož. I carry water bottles, take care of positioning before the key moments of the race, and try to be with them as long as possible. Sometimes I stay with them for a long time, and sometimes I spend a lot of energy already at the beginning of the race, so it’s difficult to be there in the final. The atmosphere in the team is excellent. We get along really well and everyone does a great job. This can also be seen in our results. I really enjoy racing and it all helps me feel great during the race. I really enjoy it.

Yesterday’s stage was very stressful. We knew it was going to be windy and as a team, we decided not to wait and we launched the action immediately. It’s always better to be ahead than chasing behind. Given that the terrain was hilly, all of our domestiques spent a lot of energy to ensure that our leaders were at the forefront and that they are still in the game for the red shirt. A nervous day, but a successful one for our team.

The days at the race are otherwise quite busy and end late in the evening. First thing in the morning, I drink coffee, then I have my breakfast, and soon the transfer with the team bus to the start follows. Transfers to the start and after the stage are long. Between an hour and an hour and a half. So, we spend three hours a day on the bus. Before the race, we have a team meeting on the bus. After the race, shower, and transfer to the hotel. Then massage and a late dinner, usually between nine and half past ten. We don’t have much time for other things. I usually start watching some movie/series to fall asleep.

In the coming week, there are already very difficult stages on the schedule. I will ride the time trial tomorrow easy to gather and save as much energy as possible to help our leaders in the following days. It’s definitely going to be a tough week, but to be honest, I can’t wait. As long as it’s sunny, it will be a great week. 😎


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