Postcard from Mount Teide

After a successful weekend in Belgium, there was not much time for any kind of celebration. Two free days and we have already traveled to Tenerife – El Teide for altitude training camp. Three weeks of camping under the volcano 😂 the first four days were dedicated to adaptation to the high altitude (2150m), with mostly easy and shorter training sessions. After that, we began with more serious training sessions, lasting between 4-6 hours. The shorter rides were high-intensity, while the longer ones were only intended for long rides and enjoyment, even though you are already quite tired after 6 hours of training.

Because of the difficult training, every rest day came in handy. To be honest, it’s the rest days that drag on a bit. But in good company, we did all the training perfectly and I think we are more than ready to continue racing in Belgium. E3 will be the first, followed by Dwars door Vlaanderen and then the biggest one – the Tour of Flanders.

After a successful February, I can’t wait to take advantage of the good preparations and focus all my training on the races. I think I gained a lot of confidence and that is sometimes even more important than the form itself.

After three Belgian classics, the first block of races and preparations will be completed. I don’t have any races planned in April. First of all, a good rest, because then I have to prepare for the Giro. It’s a busy schedule, but since everything is going the way I want it, I’m just enjoying it.

Photo: Personal Archive


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