The story behind JT brand

The idea for JT first came to our mind some two or three years ago but it only got more serious last year, when we created Grande Syuk t-shirts for a very special occasion of a »Slovenian« stage at Giro d’Italia. T-Shirts were very well received among cycling fans from Jan’s hometown Idrija and that’s why we decided to continue with this project – just on a slightly larger scale. We launched an online shop, in which you can get all the fan equipment and some casual shirts.

If you’ve ever been on a cycling race, especially on any of the Classics, Monuments, or Grand Tours, you know the atmosphere is electrifying. There are lots of people, riders’ family members, friends, cycling and sports fans. Also, there will always be some people who happen to be there by coincidence and don’t really understand what is happening around them but still decide to join in on the atmosphere of a cycling race. Everybody enthusiastically waited there, usually for the whole day, just for those few seconds when riders pass us by. We’ve done that lots of times and can’t wait to go to races again. It’s really addictive. We soon realized, particularly on Worlds or Olympics that people usually dress up and equip themselves in the colors of the nation they are cheering for. We did that too. The least you can do is wave with a national flag. Logically, we then decided to equip ourselves for other races as well. If we are Jan’s friends and fans, why wouldn’t we show our support for him in such a way that everyone would understand why we are there? Shortly, that’s how we ended up creating a clothing line available in the online shop. We are happy to work with local entrepreneurs and thus support the local community.

You can choose among different fan or casual t-shirts and hats. By the way, hats are a must-have! Quite easily you can find yourself in a situation spending the whole day out in the sun waiting for riders to pass by. Well, in the evening your skin will remind you of your wrongdoing. However, the sun is not always shining on race days and that’s why we will soon add another product for colder days in our shop ;)

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Last but not least, we would like to thank each and every one who already supported us by buying your piece of JT collection. It means a lot. We can’t wait to meet you wearing your JT piece(s) on races!

Till next time…

JT Team

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