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Spring update

I finally managed to write a little again about how the last few weeks went and what are the plans for the upcoming weeks.

After three weeks of altitude training on Teide, we flew to Belgium for the next races. The first was E3, where I did well, and helped the team, but was not in a good position before the race broke. But I felt good and knew my form would come. Per broke his nose, so I had to jump in at Gent-Welvegem. The race was calm at first, but the peloton knew the race would start to break when we turned because the wind was blowing hard. I was taking off my extra clothes and returning to the peloton when a cyclist hit me. I hit my head, hip and the knee I broke last year before Giro. I knew the race was over, but after a few hours, the pain started to decrease. Everything remained as planned: the next race was Dwars door Vlaanderen. During the race, I started to feel pain in my hip and thigh muscles. I couldn’t keep up with the peloton because of the pain. Every turn of the pedal gave me a lot of pain in the hip muscles. I abandoned the race. This time, it was very though mentally because I didn’t know what was happening. The team and I decided to do a comprehensive examination in the hospital. X-ray and MRI showed that nothing was broken and that my muscles were fine. What hurt the most was when the doctor said I should rest so my body could heal. With that, we had to cancel the Flanders, the biggest goal of the spring. It was really hard on me. I was away from home for over a month, and did a tough training camp at altitude, all for that goal. But it didn’t work out. I took almost 10 days off and quite quickly forgot about it. I was ready to train for the next goal of the season: the Giro d’Italia.

Before that, I wanted to race in Romandie because otherwise, it would be too long since the last stage race. I know it’s good for my body to have a few racing kilometers before the Grand Tour. I did great training and went to Switzerland. I went to Romandie with no expectations, just to have a good week of racing and get in shape for the Giro.

I’m not happy with the results of Tour of Romandie. I wanted to make the race as difficult as possible for myself. The last two stages showed progress, and my legs were getting better. I’m most disappointed with the time trial. I was aiming higher. Overall, I’m satisfied because I got some hard kilometers in my legs. Now there’s not much I can do until the Giro. Rest and get my mind focused on Giro.

After two bad Giro experiences, I hope this year goes well. The Giro is one of my favorite races. I always like to come back to Italy. I’m motivated and in good form, so I’m excited for the start! Che vediamo a Torino 👊🏻