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Back in the saddle

Hey, how! It’s been a while since the last post. It’s time to fill you in on what’s been happening 😎

Until June 7th, I was killing time on the rollers. But finally, the day came when I could hit the road again. It felt like a breath of fresh air, literally! It only took me a month to go from drowning in a sweat on the rollers to enjoying the open air on my bike. I immediately got extra motivation and that week I trained twice a day, sometimes even three times. I mainly used the rollers to warm up, then hit the road for one or two hours.

Alongside my rides, I also had strength training and physiotherapy three times a week. It kind of took me two-thirds of June to get used to riding with a knee that wasn’t quite 100%, but seeing that every day was a huge improvement, I woke up every morning hungry for more progress. Sure, there were days when my knee would swell up a bit and I’d feel some pain, but with rest, ice, and the amazing regenerative powers of the body, I was ready to train again the next day.

I’m very grateful that my body healed up so quickly. But from there on out, it was all up on to me and the effort I put into training and rehab. I started very serious training in the last ten days of June. No obstacles, no limits on time or intensity. Sure, sometimes after an interval training, I would still feel pain in my knee, but there was never a step back. I trained 25 hours/week on the bike and another 3 hours in the gym. So, I have already completed a large amount of training and now I needed a chill week to rest before I go to the altitude preparations in Tignes.

As for my race program, I still don’t know 100% where I will be competing, but I really want to be at the start of the Vuelta. There is still some time before then and I believe that I will be ready. I’m really missing the races right now. It’s been way too long since I last pinned on my race number.

Finally, thanks once again to my family, team, fans, friends, and everyone who stood by me and helped me in my quick rehabilitation. I believe that we will see each other again this year at some race. Vamos! 😎🕺

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