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Number Four

When Jan joined Team Jumbo-Visma he had to decide which number would represent him in the team. You may notice it printed on his cycling jersey, which makes his jersey a unique one.

Jan chose Number Four.

At the time when he made the decision, he wasn’t aware of the underlying meaning of it. We did our homework. Four is the number of support, balance, and dedication. 

Jan is an outstanding domestique, which means his main role in races is to support the team leaders. By leading and guarding them through the chaos of cycling racing.

His cycling journey was a roller coaster. He has experienced it all, the good and the bad. From being a very prospective young rider, signing a World Tour contract after only three years of being in the sport, to complete rock bottom, having to deal with an eating disorder. Joggling from one extreme to the other has taught him how to establish balance in his life, on and off the bike.

Those who know him well can tell he is also one of the most dedicated riders in the peloton. He will give it his absolute best and all for the leader, for the team, for the sport.

Number Four is the number of support, balance, and dedication. This collection is a tribute to him, to Jan Tratnik. Wear it with pride and let it remind you of the values behind the Number Four.

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