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First races are just around the corner

After the holiday season, it was time to gather back the team and continue with preparations for the upcoming season.

»Second training camp is slowly coming to an end. First races are just around the corner, which means our training intensity increased quite a lot. It is not yet 100% confirmed but seems like I will start my season at a stage race Classica Comunitat Valenciana 1969 – Gran Premi Valencia here in Spain in the beginning of February. Otherwise, I will travel to Tenerife for two-week altitude training camp.

Training camp is going great. My performance has increased since December and I think I’m quite near my race condition. I still have a few intense trainings to do and then rest well. After that I will be able to check the box over the preparations in wintertime. Most importantly, we stay healthy and safe because the current Covid situation is quite difficult, and I really hope I will avoid all the viruses.”

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