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Preseason Testing

Some cyclists have already begun with the new season, while others, Jan included, will do so soon. However, he is quite busy these days working on some final preseason testing. Preseason testing sessions are very important, as they lay a firm foundation for the whole season, as well as give a very good insight into how well a rider is prepared for the upcoming challenges on the roads around the world.

Jan did a stress test at the Sports Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia to check his current physical condition. He also tested the new materials at the Velodrome Novo mesto and did a 3D scan of the handlebar. Riders are the ones winning races, so their good conditioning is paramount, but at the very top of the world cycling the difference can be so small that they sometimes (especially in time-trial stages) can also fall down to equipment. Better materials, more aerodynamic position (and again materials) can play an important role and testing at velodrome helped Jan and the team gather some very useful information for the season.

»I would like to thank my team, which enabled me to do preseason testings. I’m sure it will help me in the upcoming season to be even faster. The weather in February in Slovenia is not the best for training, but I managed to do some quality training. My performance is good, but I know I can be better, so there is still some work to do.«

Jan Tratnik
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Welcome to Official Website of Jan Tratnik!

Welcome to the new and improved official website of Jan Tratnik, professional cyclist and team member of a WorldTour squad Bahrain Victorious. This website will serve as a go-to place for Jan’s supporters, where you will gain exclusive access to his racing life.

The aim of this website is to bring together all cycling enthusiast and offer an honest insight into everyday life and career of Jan Tratnik. We wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know Jan better, so we tried to make this website as personal as possible and tried to avoid creating a technocratic and robotic website.

Hopefully you will find something to your enjoyment. If you want to learn more about Jan’s career from the beginning to the present “Story” section is a place to go. We’ve also connected Jan’s personal Instagram profile so you can have a shuffle through some photo memories on our “Gallery” page. Yet, despite trying to avoid statistics, we’ve also prepared for you a selection of Jan’s greatest cycling accomplishments on our “Results” page.

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